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About Us


EZ Wig Essentials is an up and coming beauty supplier looking to add to the wig industry in a major way! Our goal is to help beginner and professional wig makers alike, do what they love to do in a more time efficient manner. We understand the skills and patience it takes to create custom wigs, so we'd like to help all wig makers save time where ever possible!

Being professional wig makers ourselves, we realized the skills to create these wigs didn't always come to us easily. In the beginning stages of creating custom wigs, we found it would sometimes take upwards of 4 hours to create just one wig! We thought there had to be an easier and faster way to produce these custom wigs. With this very thought in mind, the Guideline Map Cap was created!

We found ourselves saving hours of time when producing high quantities of wigs, with not having to draw the lines on the cap ourselves. Instead with the help of the Map Cap, and just following the pre-sewn on guidelines, we were able to create beautifully, professionally made wigs in no time! After distributing the caps to our  students during our Wig Mastery Classes and to local wig makers in the area, and receiving such positive feedback, we decided to bring the Map Cap to the market and help out all wig makers world wide!

We welcome and invite you on our journey to add creative and innovative ideas to the wig industry to help wig makers do what they love to do in a more time efficient manner!

Thank you!